The best time I’ve had since moving to FL 2 yrs ago in Feb! Everyone is so welcoming. The space is stunning & calming. Perfect atmosphere for some serious creativity, jamming & woosahing! Looking forward to my next class! - Kendra



I took the hip-hop cardio class. Great sweat! Awesome energy from Adam and everyone else in the room. So happy I bought this pass.
-Priscilla S

Not only was the dance class THE most fun class, but Jessi (co owner/teacher) let me borrow her sneakers so that I could participate when I forgot mine. If that’s not a 10/10 studio I don’t know what is. 😊
-Maddie C

Great class!!! (FunkBODY) Jessi is so energetic and one of the best contemporary instructors I've ever been too. Amazing cardio and full body workout

Very intricate type of dance. Alexandra (Belly Dance) breaks down every move in a way anyone can understand. It was a very fun and interesting class. If you’re into belly dancing go check her out.

Ray (Popping) is a great instructor. Breaks it down, individual feedback, supportive environment, and knows his craft.
-Mitchell C

Fast paced but Followable. Adam did a great job breaking down the steps and sharing the intention behind each movement. By the end of class we were able to perform the combo as a cohesive group

Best class EVER!! (HipHop4All) This instructor is pure talent....he creates his own choreography EVERY week!!! If you don’t have any experience..... GO! He will make you feel so comfortable! If you DO have experience, GO!! You will be challenged, yet have the best time ever!
-Meredith C

“Loved the class (FunkBody). The way I would describe it is, remember when you were 10 years old and dance to pop music in the mirror and think you are a pop star. Basically the same but as an adult and it feels amazing.”
- Anyonymous

“Best class ever! Jessi is so hype!”

Men, women, gay straight. Adam is an amazing instructor. He’s patient, sweet and connects with every client in class. Funk and flow is always clean. Plenty of parking. Jessi and Ashley are great business owners!!! 5’s across the board
-Tyrone F

Awesome place & awesome owner/instructor (Jessie)! She was super fun and upbeat before, during, and after the class (Cardio Funk). My group visited from out of town and were there for a bachelorette party & she helped me get our group all set up and made our bride feel really special. It was a great workout and not intimidating for us non-dancers. Wish there was a studio like this here I live! Highly recommend this place.
-Carly C

A beautiful, welcoming space to let go and get your body moving. Fantastic staff and a super fun cardio workout. All levels in the room, and no judgements- just everyone doing their thing. It’s as challenging as you make it.
-Marilyn L

I have not tried a yoga class yet, but both their dance classes are AMAZING! Burned a ton of calories while having a fantastic time. My favorite is probably the cardio funk, although after watching the video of my hip hop class I feel like I may just end up liking it as much if not more.
-Casey M

I was very excited and didn't know what to expect since I'm very used to taking Zumba classes, but how could I have skipped this class when callled Cardio Funk? The moment the class started, the AMAZING teacher began to play Justin Timberlake and I knew I was in the right place. During the entire class, she played songs from N'Sync, Lady Gaga, G Eazy and Nicky Minaj and I swear my feet couldn't stop moving.
-Vanessa G

Cardio Funk is the perfect blend of workout/dance/strengthening and toning. Even during my first class I could keep up easily because Jessi is such a strong instructor. Besides all the technical pieces it's just a great group of people and super positive energy. I'm sad I don't live here because I'd be there EVERY SINGLE DAY.
-Samra G

Positive and calming environment where you can de-stress and have fun, I've been trying to find a hip hop adult class in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area for years and I'm happy to say I've finally found one! I left feeling reset and ready to take on the rest of the work week!
-Nikki R

Ummmm. Jessi's Cardio Funk Is AMAZZZING!!!! The Energy she Creates SUCH A FEEL GOOD MOVEMENT SPACE ! Between the Yummy Yoga Classes & Dynamic Dance Classes to choose from, there is Something for Everyone!!! I'm Absolutely in Love!
-Katt W

Have been trying to come to this place for a while. I am glad I did, tried the cardio funk class and I had so much fun, a lot of cardio and such and inclusive class. They did an excellent job with the Studio. I recommend this place, full of good energy.
-Renzo G

If you want to workout but you hate working out like I do, this is your new jam! I would rather have a root canal than go to the gym ‍ This place is so awesome and the club/hip hop/Caribbean music is sure to move your feet and the only thing missing is a martini !! This was a true workout and you will not feel left behind with any of the moves. I am coming back for sure- look for me on the upcoming Justin Timberlake tour...NOT!! Jessi was a great instructor. See you there
-Kelly U

Krista was an excellent instructor. She brought the joy I was missing in FTL ! - Tony D

The class was great for me - I'm not a beginner, but I'm far from advanced. There were great modifications. The instructor was attentive and inspiring. - Andi C

I took the feel good flow yoga class with Ashley and it was awesome! First off you start with peppermint oils on your hands which is unique and genuine to the movement. The moves were challenging and felt like a great workout, but she was personable and emphasized moving at your own pace. The music was perfect! - Katie A

The vibe at Funk&Flow is absolutely fabulous. Both Jessi and Ashley are such amazing Yoga instructors. I come out of their classes feeling energized and relaxed. If you ever wanted to try Yoga but not sure where to go. This is the place! You will not be disappointed. I would highly recommend their studio. - Kelly M

great energy open heart teachers great guidance for yoga classes really enjoyed it , felt conected they embrace Mind, Body and Spirit . which Yoga is the union of all aspects of self. I have been practicing yoga over 20 years so happy to see a studio with soul and funn - Rina L

What a beautiful space!!! The vibe was amazing and Ashley did an amazing job with the class. I purchased Unlimited classes and really look forward to my new yoga Journey. Namaste!!! - Patti A

I wish it wouldn’t have taken me a year of drive-by’s to finally stop in to this adorable studio. Ashley is super friendly and welcoming, and Jessi came👏 through👏with an om-azing class that delivered body-honoring poses, a sensory-driven ambiance, and super good music. Looking forward to trying the rest of their lineup! - Theresa K-H

Have only done yoga a handful of times but ‘‘tis place is awesome Jessi is a fantastic instructor they all make you feel very welcome!!! Would recommend to everyone!!! - Jayne P

YINspired was exactly what my soul needed tonight.

Ashley is warm and welcoming and so soothing! ❤️❤️❤️ I tend to hold things in and stuff them down. So, this was probably the first real breath I took all day. What sweet relief. - Emily D

Jessi’s class was exactly what I needed. I love her teaching style...will be back - Alex

Loved Katt’s class...she kept me in tune with my body/movement connection the entire time. I’ll 100% be back to flow with her again. - Anonymous

Challenging but Jessi was very helpful with corrections. Light music and lighting really helped me to be present within the space - Anonymous

Ashley is incredibly talented and natural at teaching and guiding! - Anonymous

Amazing!!! - Anonymous

I love this class! Yinspired is the best way to get through the rest of the week. - Anonymous

I'm so happy I found this place. Ashley and Jessi are very helpful and welcoming to newcomers, the vibe is always good, the quality of the classes are top notch. Do yourself a favor and give it a try - Joseph H

Wonderful class. Deeply restorative, well led by a mature, peaceful, and caring instructor. Great studio space ambience complete with a great musical selection. - Anonymous

A beautiful space that welcomes all with open arms! No matter what your level of expertise, their classes are just right! It truly is a space to feel breath, light and serenity! - Jackie G

My fiancé and I had been on a road trip, so we were feeling pretty stiff. Our class with Jessi was the perfect remedy! We don't get to the area often, but we will definitely be back! - Cynthia G

What a great way to start your day! Love it. - Chris W

Great space, relaxing atmosphere, great staff. Not a yoga all-star and felt very welcomed here. - Simon P

The best place in town to do yoga and dance! Amazing people, good vibes only!!! - Maria C
Such an energy rich and welcoming space! Not your average studio 😊 - Magali
I left both classes on cloud 10. Besides all the technical pieces it’s just a great group of people and super positive energy. I’m sad I don’t live here because I’d be there EVERY SINGLE DAY.
-Samra G