1215 NE 17th Ct, Fort Lauderdale, 33305

We are located about the intersection of Wilton Manors, Middle River Terrace, and Poinsettia Heights in Fort Lauderdale - less than 1 mile North of Dixie + 13th Street -  between Old Dixie Hwy and the Train Tracks (we love our hourly dose of choo-choo). Click here to view us on the map, and get your trusty google directions. 


Please use the entirety of the warehouse space for parking. In actual spots, or in front of the bays.  Parking is free. Or, ride your bike - we have ample gate space for you to lock it outside.



YOGA classes are taught without air condition; however no heat is added to the class - only your own :) Sometimes it’s cooler and sometimes it’s warmer (pick your bone w/ our FL sun!). Please bring a towel if you need one for your mat. Dance classes are with the air on.

Entrance & Etiquette

Our doors are open 15 minutes before classes begin. PLEASE arrive prior to the start of the class so we can check you in and you can get yourself situated.

Coming for YOGA? It is common that your teacher is also the person checking you in. That said, the doors will often lock once class has begun. If you’re running late, give us a ring so we know.


Bring a mat for Yoga (or any of the Mat-based) classes, and a large towel if you tend to slide on your mat. We have mats that you can use should you not have or forget yours.

Wear you sneaks if you're coming to Funk / Dance.


We have a water station, please bring a re-usable bottle to fill ‘er up. Tea is also available for you “at your tea-sure”

eats before class

Like any movement practice, it is not best to flow on a full tummy; that said, you should not be hungry either. If you foresee yourself approaching "hanger" before class, have a light, nutrient-dense snack 30 min to 1 hour prior.  A banana, almonds, avocado, coconut water, dark chocolate - all good ideas. You know your body best so please fuel yourself accordingly. 


We have a changing room and a bathroom. An additional bathroom is located steps outside our front door. There is plenty safe space to stow personal belongings. 

I'M brand new!

This is great news.

Find your fit on our lineup & show up! 

  • For FLOW (OR ANY MAT-BASED CLASS)? Bring or borrow a mat + get barefooted. We recommend lightweight, form fitting clothing that won't get in your way.

  • For FUNK? Wear your dancin' shoes (light-weight sneakers without a ton of traction). Comfortable, lightweight clothing -sweatpants or "hammer-pants", secure leggings, big shirt or small - whatever makes YOU feel most FREE to MOVE!

 Either way, come wide-eyed, well-hydrated(!!), and without expectations. Kindly remember that we are ALL once beginners, and the best way to begin your fitness or wellness journey is to start. See you soon <3


Sanskrit word for "posture." Sanskrit is an ancient Indic language from which the names of Yoga postures derive. Once the basics are "mastered," the translation of each asana into a physical sense actually becomes intuitive...example: Eka = one, Pada = foot, Baka = crane. Eka Pada Bakasana is a "one-legged crane pose." You may hear a mixture of English and Sanskrit names... language and yoga all in one!

Demeanor & Neighborly Love

We are friendly at Funk&Flow. If you are in a full class, please be open to creating space to accommodate your neighbor... we'll help facilitate as needed. 

Also, we keep our vibrations high and our spirits light. We don't tolerate racial slur or slander.  A few things we ask to be left outside our Movement Space : 

  • controversial political conversation

  • negative attitude

  • cell phone use (unless important- yap away)

  • soda

What am I waiting for?

Ah, finally a question!

And we haven't a clue.  

Should you have any other questions or concerns, give us a call or show up at our door step. We're happy to provide any additional guidance. Looking forward to sharing space <3  - F&F Fam