Funk&Flow is an innovative movement studio, offering classes with compassion that inspire your fullest moves, grooves, and feelin'-GOOD self. Nestled in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, we are a safe place for internal and creative exploration, physical expression, and soul rejuvenation. We welcome ALL beings to join us: newbies and long-time movers alike. 

We offer Yoga and Street-Style Dance, including classes that fuse cardio, plyometrics, choreography, and FUN - led by instructors of equal parts talent, compassion, and human. We're big into music and fuel our classes with songs that your soul wants to hear. You'll find a Sunday Flow set to live tunes, and frequent DJs to encourage the Funk. Whether you've come to clear your mind, shake or stretch out fears, strengthen and nourish your body, or unleash and express your inner Beyonce, we assure you will find your fit

We're advocates for accessibility: health and happiness for all, regardless of body-type, experience level, busy-bee status, or financial wealth. With our community in mind, Funk&Flow services a diverse lineup of classes, a plentiful schedule, and fair pricing.

Our Feel Good Movement Space has been lovingly designed from the Ground Up! We've given a rugged warehouse a vibrant makeover, allowing intuition to guide the process one heart-tug at a time. Everything in our space was hand painted/crafted by Jess & Ash, and the gracious efforts of our family and friends. Together, we spared no detail to create a charismatic yet grounding ambiance with an abundance of warmhearted energy. Kick back in our hang zone, change in our stations, and let the verve of (plenty of) painted walls and a record-adorned Sun invite your feelGOOD mood.  

Fort Lauderdale is our home city and we are enthused to support it's blossoming artistic and active communities. Funk&Flow loves to partner with our communities’ cherished organizations and businesses to curate events suited for the culturally-driven soul.

It is our greatest priority to facilitate a wellness practice. Through Yoga or Dance, we aspire for each person to identify and shine his or her authentic light, emanating a feel-good energy for all to absorb - within our 4 funky walls, throughout and well-beyond our beloved city.






  • Hone awareness of mind & body

  • Awaken dormant muscles

  • Sync to your unique rhythm sans comparison

  • Mindfully collaborate breath & movement

  • Access & Unleash your inner power

  • Create social connection, uniting in our differences

  • Open new channels of thought

  • Acknowledge you are enough




  • Have FUN

  • Immerse yourself in the fullness of movement without reservation

  • Tune into feeling & revel in its sensation

  • Explore your individuality & shine your expression

  • Fuel your heart through rhythm & body connection

  • Take risks. Let go.

  • Give ALL the funks. Give no funks.



elevate wellness

  • Honor movement as self love, not a chore

  • Become stronger with less tension

  • Increase flexibility & mobility

  • Improve balance & coordination

  • Lessen your stress. Enjoy your peace.

  • Build physical endurance and mental stamina

  • Focus easier; concentrate more.

  • Reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue, & insomnia

  • Boost physical health and mental clarity

  • Be Well

For answers to questions we think you may have, along with some good stuff to note, click here

We Look Forward to Sharing Space <3 See you on the Floor.